BTC-e Refund Scam

As with all things related to Bitcoin, you have to be careful with the emails you get. With recent news about BTC-e coming back somehow, hackers try to lure people into downloading malicious files, steal usernames and passwords, and Bitcoins, of course.

This is an email that we received four days ago:

BTC-e Refund Scam Email

The email reads:

At the moment 55% of funds are available, 45% of funds will be converted into tokens, which we will redeem from you. Tokens can be bought and sold on our stock exchange. On September 14 we will start making money transfers to your wallets. Before September 5, you must fill out a form that you can download from the attachement, and send it to
Passphrase: btc-e
Thank you for your understanding, BTC-e team.

What happens if you open the zip file? You get infected, unless you have a good antivirus:

So, be extremely careful with emails and websites claiming you can get back your money. Don’t give them a password you use on other websites and don’t download any files.