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What is a Bitcoin Web Wallet?

So-called wallets are often mentioned in Bitcoin lingo. What are they exactly and why do you need them?

A wallet is an important tool managing your Bitcoin. It can be compared with a real wallet. You place your money in one or more wallets. If you want to spend money, for example when buying a commodity, you take the money from your wallet and pass it on.

This is also the basic principle of Bitcoin Wallets. Bitcoin is a digital currency. There is no physical object that represents the value in physical form as in the case of money. Therefore, a “digital” wallet is used.

How does a Bitcoin Wallet work?

  • Each wallet is a long string of numbers. These are only available once and describe your wallet and no other. This wallet will store your Bitcoin balance.
  • If someone knows your wallet, he can also see the balance you have on it. To make sure that only you have access to your Wallet, it is password-protected.
  • Each wallet is anonymous. No personal data is stored. You can have as many wallets as you want.

It is advisable not to store your whole fortune in a wallet. Create additional wallets with a low balance, for example for mobile use on the smartphone. 

You can also copy a wallet as a file and save it. You can keep high balance Wallets offline and you can keep multiple backups of them.

How to Use a Bitcoin Wallet?

Creating and using a Bitcoin Wallet is relatively simple.

First, you need to decide if you want to keep the wallet on your smartphone, tablet, or on your desktop. In addition, there are pure online wallets (like ours) or so-called hardware wallets. These are a kind of USB stick on which the wallet is stored.

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